SuperToothHD, a Phone Life Saver, for a Cost

I am pretty sure many people remember that there is a law forbidding you to use your cell phone as you drive, or that you cannot text while you drive since it leads to accidents and worse. I admit that I am one of those people who have, on more than a few occasions, forgotten my blue tooth headset while driving and will put the speaker phone on, holding the phone in one hand but steering with both, which isn’t much safer in any way. I’ve also texted when some important information came through. If you are like me and don’t have an expensive car, or newer model that comes pre-built with bluetooth capabilities, what options do you have?

Normally a bluetooth headset would be good enough, as you sit in your car all day to talk on the phone and a usb car charger will give you all the power you need to charge one at a time. However, a company named Supertooth decided to take it a step further by creating a bluetooth speaker that can clip to your sun visor, allowing you to connect your phone to the loud speaker so you can talk as you drive. It also allows you to send emails, texts and even post on your Facebook and twitter all from the command menu. Being able to hear your texts and email eliminates the need to play with your phone as you soar down the highway at 60-80 mph.

After receiving my SuperTooth HD Bluetooth Speakerphone Car Kit, I spent an hour learning to use it, activating it online, typing in the contacts I speak to the most and charging it as instructed in the manual so I could have it ready to use the next few days. The next day I turned on my phone’s bluetooth connectivity and right away it quickly found my HTC HD7 Windows phone, and what do you know, it synched my phone contacts, making what I spent about an hour on needless, but overall made things much simpler since now I had all contacts.

There are 3 main buttons to the SuperToothHD: the power button, the wheel which controls your volume (pressing it activates the voice dialing), and finally the button that has a letter on it that calls a server that allows you to send the texts, emails, and posts on FB/Twitter. There’s also a few more you probably won’t use.

SupertoothHD info:

Battery life
Talk time: 20 hours
Stand-by time: 1 000 hours
Charging time: 3 hours
Battery type: Lithium-Ion
Size and weight
Height: 125 mm
Width: 59 mm
Depth: 22 mm
Weight: 112 grams
135 grams
(with metal clip)
Technical specifications
Send your texts by voice (SMS, email, Facebook, Twitter)
Voice Recognition, use your voice to make calls directly from kit
Dual microphone
One touch pairing and automatic pairing
True MultiPoint: both phones remain connected during calls
Text To Speech : says the name or the number of the person
who is calling
Voice Answer, use your voice to answer calls
MultiPoint : 2 phones can be connected simultaneously
Automatic Reconnection
Full Duplex
Bluetooth version 3.0
Operating range : 10 meters
Frequency : 2.4 GHz

The sound quality wasn’t bad. It sounded like a much louder and clearer speaker phone with very little distortion. For the person on the other side of the phone, it sounds much better than a speaker phone, thanks to the double microphone built in.

Voice commands have to be made very clear or your phone won’t recognize what you are telling it to do, but once you get past that, everything else is a breeze. I struggled with the phone for awhile, but now I have almost no problem with it, except for the occasional annoyance of the voice commands not responding correctly. Posting on Facebook and Twitter work better since you have the option of both text and voice activation.

Overall the product is very useful. A retail price of $129.00 isn’t too bad, and if you shop around online you can find it cheaper on Amazon for $79.99, but after that there is a bit of an extra cost attached. With the Supertooth HD you get 6 free months of service, but after that you can choose what type of service you want. The basic package runs about $40 dollars a year or via a monthly rate, which is what you get during the free 6 months. You can also pay $20 more for extra services you probably don’t need. It’s a toss up, really. I figure the $40 dollars a year can be very helpful to avoid tickets, keep your eyes on the road, and deal with emails, texts, and even post on your Facebook and twitter while your hands stay on the wheel. So, it has plenty of advantages that can save a lot of headaches in the end.

There are other cheaper alternatives if you want to avoid the the $40-$60 a year on top of the $70 to $120 cost, but not all offer the options the Supertooth HD has.

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