Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Footage Contains Zombie Outbreak

Is Link finally hopping on the zombie hype train like everyone else? Call of Duty’s doing it, and so are a dozen other games. I’m still waiting for Cooking Mama to run out of ideas and pick up a shotgun. Yes, I would probably buy that. Well, I wouldn’t say Link is running with the popular crowd in that regard. I mean, yes, there are some Bokoblin zombies in one of these new trailers (yes, we have two new ones!), but he’s been fighting the undead since, well, I’m not sure exactly, but this isn’t his first foray into the battling of non-living creatures. Does the Stalfos count? Someone call in the zombie experts!

There’s a bit of a Thailand flavor in the second video, and we get a good look at the whip-swinging, which looks a lot more natural than before because it seems like you can just swing, rather than having to lock on first. Link also exercises his newly acquired endurance bar by speedily outrunning a wall of spikes while on a giant spinning plate.

Skyward Sword is looking to be the masterpiece it deserves to be, and November 17th couldn’t be further away.

Here’s the first gameplay trailer:

and the second:

Source: Destructroid

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