Curiosity: Can You Live Forever starring Adam Savage

As human beings we are limited to how much time we have in life. By taking care of our bodies with exercise and healthy eating, we can easily live up to 100 years, but our body will still slowly weaken if we like it or not. Even an accident or natural occurrence can change that at any time causing problems inside the body and out and possibly even death. Fortunately, with how science is progressing, that could all change.

Discovery Channel has a 1 hr TV special starring the Mythbuster’s Adam Savage titled, Curiosity: Can You Live Forever, that show the possibilities the future holds with current technology and ideas existing today that may very well change how we live. For an hour, Adam is placed in different situations starting from present 2011 and ending around the 2900’s, making him the first man to reach 1000 yrs old. Along the way he meets complications as a normal human would, including how it all starts, being hit by a truck. From that point, Adam’s life is in the hands of science and some amazing things are talked about as well as shown. Now while most things are a what if, it looks like any and everything is possible with the creativity of humans, including no longer having shorter lifespans and even having the ability to live forever if you so chose to. That can be a pretty tough choice and watching Curiosity may give you a glimpse of what can occur given that decision.

After watching the special, life and science seems crazy; we know at anytime we could die, but live regardless. Science and medicine have progressed in the last few centuries, allowing humans to live longer, deal with crippling illnesses and deal with things no one could imagine before. So after seeing Adam and the possibilities that arise, I hope to see the day where everything works to make life better, especially if I could live to be 150.

With a great host (I always love watching Adam and Jamie do anything especially with explosions) and some great CGI and makeup, you can really believe that Adam is going through all the transformations and throughout the 900+ yrs they pack in an hour. The show may not be for the weak of heart, since you will see real images of human body and surgery that showcase the current medical miracles including creating natural human lungs, but it is well worth the watch.

The special will air Sunday October 16th, 2011 on the Discovery Channel so check your local listings for the time it airs. This show alone could change the way you think, and check out also, as it explores life’s most fascinating mysteries.


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