Paramount Takes Credit for The Avengers Trailer While Disney Does the Work

The Avengers first theatrical trailer just hit the net, and many were wondering why Paramount’s logo was attached instead of Disney’s, since Disney is distributing the movie. The answer is quite simple really. When Disney bought Marvel, Paramount had a deal that its name be on all marketing materials. How messed up is that? Paramount gets to sit on their asses and take credit while Disney is doing all the work.

Here’s the longer story:

Knowing Disney wanted to turn “The Avengers” into a new franchise and bank on the success of “Iron Man” after buying Marvel for $4 billion, Par’s brass negotiated a rich deal in which the studio continues to collect 8% of the B.O. as part of the distribution fee it would have earned for distributing the pic — as it did with the first two “Iron Man” films, “Thor” and “Captain America.” It gets 9% for “Iron Man 3.” At the very minimum, it gets $115 million, should the pics not perform at the B.O.

At the same time, the deal granted Par the sole studio credit on the marketing materials for both titles, even though the films are fully owned by Disney and will be solely distributed and marketed by the Mouse House. Additionally, the pay TV rights for “The Avengers” belong to Paramount’s Epix, not Starz, through which Disney releases its pics.

The Avengers hits theaters on May 4, 2012.

Source: Variety

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