Pay Day: The Heist Launch Party Holds Hollywood Hostage

Nerd Reactor recently got a chance to attend the Pay Day: The Heist launch party at the House of Blues in Hollywood. Many guests were on hand to try out the new game and party the night away. Being that it is the Pay Day launch party, we had a chance to play a few rounds and get a good first impression.

For the most part, Pay Day reminded me of Left 4 Dead. That entire, “here’s your weapons, story doesn’t matter, just get to the end” deal. Obviously the game is all about Co-Op, which is why you can play with up to 4 other people. Working together as a team, your group aims to complete one of six heart pounding heists. During one match, I was running down the city street gunning down oncoming police officers. It dawned on me, this scenario was very similar to a scene from Michael Mann’s Heat. The AI works great and makes for some intense gameplay for you and your friends. Keep a look out for our full review of the game in the upcoming weeks

Pay Day: The Heist is scheduled to be released on PSN and the PC sometime later this month.

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