Dragon Age: Redemption Featuring Felicia Day Is Out Now

Felicia Day’s Dragon Age web series, Redemption, has premiered its first episode titled “Tallis”. Redemption is a six-part web series that takes place in the world of Dragon Age. Tallis is an elf assassin who is sent to capture a rogue Qunari mage from wreaking havoc on the world. Felicia Day is looking cute as always, but I’m not really convinced that she can be tough like an assassin with her sweet voice and adorable smile.

Felicia Day also produces and writes Redemption. Her talents can also be seen on The Guild, a popular web series that she created.

Also in Dragon Age news, Dragon Age II: Mark of the Assassin is available now. It’s the latest DLC adventure from Dragon Age II featuring a new member, Tallis. Felicia Day is lending her talents as the voice and model for Tallis. The price is $9.99 for PlayStation Network, 800 MS Points for Xbox Live, and 800 BioWare points.

Surrounded by deception and intrigue, Hawke finds himself face-to-face with a cunning Rogue assassin named Tallis as she intervenes during a perilous ambush. In return for her aid in defeating a group of mercenaries, Tallis asks Hawke to help her steal a precious relic from an Orlesian Duke in his well-guarded estate outside of Kirkwall. In Dragon Age II: Mark of the Assassin, players will explore open, outdoor environments and dive deeper into the backstory of the Orlesian and Qunari races. Dragon Age II: Mark of the Assassin can be accessed from a safe house at any point in the Dragon Age II campaign.

Source: EA

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