Silent Hill: Downpour Pushed Back to 2012

When a game is being pushed backed, it usually means that the current state isn’t up to par. Looks like it’s the case with Silent Hill: Downpour. Konami has confirmed that the game will be released at a later date. It was supposed to be out this year, but it has been pushed back until Q2 2012. I guess the rain effects need more rain, and with it being called Downpour, it better have lots of it.

When I checked out the Silent Hill: Downpour demo at E3 earlier this year, I wasn’t too impressed. It reminded me a lot of Alan Wake. When I play a Silent Hill game, I want to see lots of fog and a deserted town, not cabins and forests. Just look at the screenshot above to see what I mean.

I’m pretty sure that the forest/cabin setting will still be prominent in Silent Hill: Downpour. Let’s hope that the extra time will help.

Source: Beefjack

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