New Images and Trailer For War of the Worlds Video Game

One of the games that really made me do a 180 at this year’s E3, was War of the Worlds. Not because I wasn’t a fan, but I was stunned by Paramount Games and Other Ocean Interactive’s outside the box thinking to make a video game about the original film. As a young kid, I loved the original and I immediately fell in love with the game’s retro platform style. New photos and a video have been released for War of Worlds.

The new video is apart of the Aurthur Diaries, a video segment that showcases gameplay footage and is voice-over by none other than Professor X and Arthur Clark himself,  Patrick Stewart. In this video, Aurthur must run through Hyde Park. Narrowly escaping deadly drones, Aurthur must take out a monster piece of machinery to aid the fight to save the human race. You can check out the video and the gallery below.

War of the Worlds is scheduled to hit Xbox Live Arcade and the Playstation Network later this year.

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