Uncharted 3’s Desert Town Trailer Brings Even More Impressive, Action-Packed Gameplay

We just posted some new pictures of Uncharted 3, and while they’re worth 1000 words, there’s really no substitute for some actual in-game video. Some footage out of Eurogamer Expo has been released into our greedy little hands, and it is quite amazing (yes, again, Uncharted amazes).

The video starts off a little slow with Drake doing a little bit of exploring in a should-be deserted, ruined town. This being an action series, we all know it just can’t be completely deserted. As expected, Drake gets ambushed by a barrage of baddies. What I didn’t expect, though, is just how much Naughty Dog has upped the quality and variety in the melee animations. Drake tosses his own shotgun to an enemy, knocks him out, then grabs the flying shotgun and immediately looks for another victim. At another point, Drake stylishly whips the butt of his machine gun into the face of an enemy. This video is the most action-packed I’ve yet to see for Uncharted 3, and now November 1st just seems so much further away.

Thanks, 1UP!

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