Comic Hit List: The 52 List Pt. 04

Green Lantern #1

On the heels of the ‘War of the Green Lanterns‘ story arc we bear witness to the infamous Sinestro once again donning the emerald ring and Hal Jordan being booted out of the corps. Life after the GL corps isn’t treating Hal all that grand. With no money, no car, his relationship with Carol on the rocks, and a cruddy apartment we see Hal’s life going straight into the toilet. Meanwhile on Sinestro’s side of things we see how he’s adjusting to life as a green ring slinger once again. Life isn’t exactly peaches and cream for him either as we see his home planet being subjugated by his own Sinestro Crops which is tearing itself apart in the same time.

While nothing huge or mind boggling happens in this first issue we do see the stage being set by the creative team of Geoff Johns (Blackest Night and Flash) and Doug Mahnke (Final Crisis and Wildstorm). I can’t wait to see what Mr. Johns have in store of us next in the topsy turvy lives of Hal Jordan and Sinestro. We see Sinestro here at his most complex in ages which will make for some great future issues. And as always Mahnke’s work here is absolutely fantastic and alive. This is a perfect opening issue for new and old fans of Green Lantern alike to get hooked on.

Grade: A

Red Lanterns #1

Much like the opening of the 52 reboot of Green Lantern #1, this issue follows in the footsteps of the ‘War of the Green Lanterns‘ story arc. Last we saw in the end of the ‘War of the Green Lanterns’ arc we see Atrocitus win a somewhat hollow victory. Now the leader of the Red Lanterns faces a rather curious predicament, the power of a Red Lantern if fueled by rage but what happens now that the rage in Atrocitus’ heart has now been satisfied by the death of the rogue Guardian?

Writer Peter Milligan (Batman and Flashpoint: Secret Seven) delivers us an interesting read here in this first issue. While we we see Atrocitus having the capabilities of being more than an one dimensional character sadly that’s not the case with the rest of the Red Lanterns brood. It would be nice to see characters such as Bleez being able to say more than ‘RRRAGE…AT…ATR…RRR…GNNNN…GNNNN…RRAGGE…’ (and that’s a direct quote). Artist Ed Benes (Birds of Prey and Supergirl) gives readers here some interesting eye candy here as well. Dex-Starr has to be the only kitty in the entire universe with a six pack. Lantern fans be sure to pick this book up and to those looking for something interesting to read do the same.

Grade: B+

Hawk & Dove #1

Washington D.C.’s superhero team of Hawk and Dove the Avatars of War and Peace looks to be getting their very own 52 title. We see the duo here deal with a science terrorist who loaded up a plane full of zombies of mass destruction. Right off the bat we see that the team of Hawk and Dove aren’t exactly on he same page when it comes with fighting tactics and plans.

We see writer Sterling Gates (Supergirl and Green Lantern Corps) bring in a decent script but nothing that really wow’ed this reader. If anything this issue falls into the category of a heavy origin retelling of the history of Hawk and Dove. While it’s understandable that Gates had to explain who this little known duo are it could’ve been done in a more interesting way. Rob Liefield (Deadpool and Youngblood) is at bat here on art and as always overly muscled men and bombshell women with tiny waists are the staple. While everything is very 90’s here you can’t deny the energy and action that Liefield brings to the table.

Grade: C-

Suicide Squad #1

I wanted to like Suicide Squad I really did but I gotta say it felt short of my expectations. I was especially looking forward to this one since the ending of Secret Six and hearing about how some of the members will be in the 52 relaunch of Suicide Squad. But if you’re looking for the next Secret Six then look somewhere else because this new team of villains falls short and lacks the bite the Six had. I gotta say I was especially confused with this new Harley Quinn who now looks like a serial killer party girl. I can see how they’re trying to go for the look Quinn had in the video game series Arkham Asylum and her classic look but in the end it didn’t exactly mesh well together. In fact it’s kind of a mess. And the other costume redesigns such as Deadshot’s now bulking armor is just as visually horrible.

In terms with artwork they pretty much completely gave everyone in it a total make over. Heck the resident DC ball breaker Amanda Waller is looking 20 years younger and pretty damn hot now. The team of Adam Glass (Flashpoint: Legion of Doom and JLA), Federico Dallocchio (Green Arrow and Justice League of America), and Ransom Getty (Adventure Comics and War of the Green Lanterns: Aftermath) have be giggling over how many minds they’ve blown with this one. The story here was somewhat decent and fans looking for some action won’t be disappointed. I can see this title as being one of those either you love it or you hate type of runs.

Grade: D+

Resurrection Man #1

First of all I’m going to say I’m unfamiliar with the character of Resurrection Man prereboot so I’m pretty much flying into this blind. To those unfamiliar with who this Resurrection Man is the short story is that every time he dies he is ‘resurrected’ with a new set of powers. It could be anything from super strength to becoming a living shadow to the power to generate electricity.

In this first issue we see Resurrection Man with a price on his head (or in this case his soul) and being hunted by an angel who’s looking to collect. It’s a pretty interesting read but neither the art nor the story really grabs me, at best I would say it’s pretty bland compared to what the rest of 52 has to offer. Fernando Dagnino‘s (Justice League: Generation Lost and Wonder Woman) art is pretty decent here but fails to impress overall. Granted this is only the first issue but if this is but a sample of what’s to come then it doesn’t look like I’ll be coming back for issue two any time soon.

Grade: D

Mister Terrific #1

You’re not the smartest man in the world, nor are you the second smartest, in fact Mister Terrific you proudly proclaim that you’re the third smartest man in the world. Way to claim the bronze metal! Terrific is the third smartest man on Earth, a self made billionaire industrialist, a technology genius, and a generous playboy in the DC Universe. No longer tied down to the JSA Michael Holt aka Mister Terrific now has his very own title to star in. Which is sad to say is lukewarm at best.

While I can see the title having the potential to be a great super science title, it falls short on that mark. With a pretty weak plot, a few awkward racial issue attempts, and a largely unremarkable cast of characters I’m not too sure how long Mister Terrific can stay terrific. This is one title you can put back on the shelves unless you’re looking to collect the whole of the 52 line up.

Grade: D-

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