Review: Urbanears Plattan Headphones

Urbanears is a newcomer in the world of headphones. Since 2010, the Scandinavian company has premiered its headphones as a stylish way to listen to your favorite tunes. We test out the Plattan on-ear headphones and put it to the test.


The Urbanears Plattan headphones we received came in a minimalist design box. The color of choice was the Tomato color. One look at the Plattan, you know that it’s stylish and loud. Loud as in when people look at you wearing them, it stands out like a fashion statement. And the way these are designed goes great with what you wear, if you love to coordinate your clothing style and color. Since I got the Tomato color, it doesn’t really look good with any of my style, since my clothing choices is absent of red colors. My colleagues did notice how vibrant the headphones were. For Fall/Winter 2011, you get to choose between 10 different colors.

There are no Urbanears branding on the outside, so people won’t know you’re using Urbanears, unless they recognize the brand already. The headband and chord is fabric. The on-ear cups on the inside is padded with a matte finish on the outside.


My biggest complaint with this is how tight it feels wearing this. The on-ear cups, about the size of my ears, will start to feel like it’s squeezing your ears. When I take it off, my ears feel free. This might not be a problem with people who have smaller heads. Since it is tight, you know that it’ll stay on when you’re dancing and running around like a kid on a Fun Dip sugar rush. Once on for a while, you’ll get use to it, but don’t leave it on for like 30 minutes.


Since it feels very tight and the cups are the size of my ears, it’s great at noise cancellation. I really can’t hear anything outside. I feel truly immersed in the music.

The bass in this is kicking. It really pumps you up and gives you a lot of oomph. Right now I’m addicted and listening to Afrojack’s “Take Over Control.” Everything sounds very up close to you. Once the bass starts, I feel like standing up and dancing.

When listening to Bat Meets Evil’s “Fast Lane,” Royce da 5’9″ and Eminem’s rapping is easily audible and sounds intense. The bass on this is a bit heavy on the Plattan, but the rapping is still clear.

For you original Deus Ex music fans, the NYC Streets 2 track sounds really good overall, especially during the 1:30 mark.  It delivers a very rhythmic and fast drum n’ bass sound. Woodkid’s “Iron” is already epic, but the drums and brass instruments will make YOU feel epic.

For testing the highs, I used Genki Rockets’ “Heavenly Star (Glorious Remix).” The highs are pretty good on a low to medium volume level. On high volume, it can be improved upon.


Since the cord is made of fabric, it’s really great with preventing tangles. This is really a winner for me, since I always use different players. That means the pair of headphones is always traveling with me, plugging into any hole it can fine, like a horny drunk guy. I can never go back to regular cords.

It has a mic feature for talking on the iPhone or Droid phones. I haven’t used it so I can’t really comment on the quality of this.

the coolest and unique thing about the Plattan is the Zound Plug feature. It’s an extra jack input so that your friends or family can plug in their headphones to listen to what you’re listening to. This is great for watching a movie on an airplane, during lunch time at school, and just plain listening with your friends without having to share one cup per person.

Final Reaction

For $60, this is a very nice pair of headphones. The pumping bass, the cool Zound Plug feature, and the overall sound quality makes the Plattan a recommended pair of headphones. The only major downside is the tightness of the on-ear cups.

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