Xbox Live to Offer Live TV? Magic 8 Ball Says ‘Signs Point to Yes’

Microsoft may currently be in talks with both Comcast and Verizon to offer Xbox Live Gold Members pay TV programming. They are also in talks with possibly up to at least 20 other providers of music, movies, TV shows and sports. Some of those companies include HBO, Bravo, SyFy and even Sony Pictures Entertainment’s Crackle streaming service. As it stands, the Xbox 360 already offers Netflix, Hulu, ESPN and aside from gaming. Also, let’s not forget the upcoming Bing voice search integration that was announced at this year’s E3. If this concept is to be brought to reality, it would only be available in North America and Europe. The only competition that Microsoft would have to deal with, is the Playstation 3, which also offers Netflix and Hulu. The only difference is that the PS3 offers DirecTV’s NFL Sunday ticket as opposed to ESPN. With this move, Microsoft is definitely looking to secure the title of top entertainment platform.

Source: Digiday, Bloomberg

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