Amazing, Intense ‘Syndicate’ Trailer – The Best Unofficial Matrix Game Yet?

After learning that there would be yet another first-person shooter on the way, I kind of ho-hummed a bit, thinking it would be another average game that would easily be overlooked by more original content; and then I saw the protagonist grab onto an enemy and jump off of a railing, presumably using him as a means to absorb the impact of the deadly fall. Yes, mind blown.

The protagonist is seen booting the faces of downed enemies for the final knockout, shooting some bullets around corners, and taking control of enemies’ minds. All of this happens to the beat of some hard rockin’ techno. Here’s hoping the game can live up to this amazing trailer.

The game takes place in 2069, and like most forecasts of the future, it is a scary and violent place. The protagonist is named Miles Kilo, and he will be fighting against corrupt corporations that have essentially taken over the world by implanting chips into the heads of the public. With no government to guard against the evils of corporations, a group of elite agents part of Eurocorp decide to take them down.

Some players might like to note that the game will sport a whole separate 4-player co-op campaign that is being described as “deep”.

Players who pre-order the game will be given the “Executive Package” at no extra cost. This will include unique perks for the 4-player co-op, a gold version of each gun, “golden dart vision”, and special in-game Syndicate logos.

The game is being developed by Starbreeze Studios, published by EA, and you can expect to see it on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on February 21st, 2012.

Now please excuse me while I watch the trailer again.

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