Photos and Video from Street Fighter Fight Club LA

Recently Los Angeles once again played host to another one of Capcom‘s fantastic Fight Clubs. This one had it all, everything: Street Fighter Third Strike, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, Street Fighter IV Volt, Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition, Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 and Street Fighter X Tekken. Produced by the fine folks from iam8bit, this was one of their biggest events yet with a venue which was able to accommodate twice the amount of people compared to previous fight clubs and had double to amount of swag to give away. This time it was an awesome fight club poster shirt (the design is that of the above graphic) and a choice between four different posters.

Eager fans were able to finally able try out both Iron Fist and Vergil on Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom. As one of the lucky few in North America that was able to check them out first you’re gonna have some good times with this pair. On top of all that food and refreshments were made available to all in attendance, a high energy live stage show and pro matches from Justin Wong, Floejisan, Dios X, and Clockw0rk. If you were in Los Angeles during this time and missed it… well you missed a good one. But fear not we here at were there and packing (cameras that is). Here are the photos we took and a video to boot!


Photos and Video Courtesy of Mad Calamity Photos and Productions

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