Review: Steelseries Sensei, The Master Has Arrived

I am in love. That is my first reaction upon using this mouse. Steelseries has truly outdone itself this time with the Sensei, the newest in professional gaming mice. But this is no ordinary mouse, this is truly a masterpiece befitting of its title. An amazing array of features masked by a sleek, sexy, professional finish, the Sensei is a powerhouse in the hands of either a pro or a noob.


 Here are the factory specs of this bad boy


  • Weight: 102 grams (0.22 lbs)
  • Height: 38,7 mm (1.5 in)
  • Width: 68,3 mm (2.7 in)
  • Length: 125,5 mm (4.9 in)


  • 1. Left side button 1
  • 2. Left side button 2
  • 3. Left click
  • 4. Right click
  • 5. Scroll wheel & middle click
  • 6. Right side button 1
  • 7. Right side button 2
  • 8. CPI high / low switch






  • 1 – 11,400 (Ya, really)


The Sensei has a chrome/silver finish with rubberized plastic on the sides, providing perfect grip and texture.


   Three fully customization LEDs on the main shell, mouse wheel, and screen option button.


   Fully braided cord with gold plated USB connector for maximum life with minimal wear and tear.


  • Built in CPU used to store profiles, button, LED, and sensitivity preferences.
  • Easy glide teflon finish underneath, to ensure maximum performance on almost any surface
  • Super simple Profile Control for on the go changes no matter what the game may be.
  • Full customization capabilities on all buttons, commands, macros and lighting, to ensure this is the ONLY mouse you will EVER need.


   As awesome as this mouse already is, Steelseries went above and beyond to tell us that this mouse is truly custom tailored to every single gamer individually. They have included an option in the engine to create and upload a custom emblem to the LED screen on the bottom of the mouse. This also prevents confusion at lan parties or other events when somebody tries to jack your favorite mouse.



 – $89.99 (Very affordable for all the feature your getting with the only mouse you’ll ever want or need)

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