Gears of War 3 Launch Party at the Century City Microsoft Store

Last week on September 18, 2011, was the highly anticipated release for Gears of War 3, and stores across the United States were holding release parties for the game. GameStop and Best Buy held different events, some that included tournaments, food, and all included waiting in line until midnight just to get a copy of Gears of War 3. The biggest GOW event was held in New York and Los Angeles.

If you lived in New York there was a huge launch party that had some big names on hand, but in the West Coast, specifically the Microsoft store in Century City, the night would be the craziest. Fans lined up as early as 2pm and waited until 10pm to get in when the store would reopen for the night festivities. Special guests attended the events and included a Gears of War 3 tournament that offered different prizes, including a free Gears of War 3 system for the top score in Horde mode.

Domino’s Pizza was served most of the night as people attacked the freebies, sodas and NOS (handed out by the NOS girls), and music was played all night thanks to Power 106. At around 10:45pm the special guests of the night arrived that included the voice acting cast of Gears of War 3. John DiMaggio (Marcus Fenix), Lester Speight (Cole), Fred Tatasciore (Damon Baird), Nan McNamara (Anya Stroud) and Michael Gough (Carmine) all showed up.

The voice cast on hand

The cast of Gears of War 3 made everyone’s night by signing autographs on posters, games and even a few Limited Edition consoles as Midnight approached. As the night was coming to an end, the final raffle was being pulled and…

Nerdreactor won a nice prize

It was a 32″ Marcus Fenix statue. Our writer Jonathan was the lucky winner, and we got the voice actors to sign it, which was a great treat of the night. The Microsoft store will also be holding similar events for Battlefield 3, Modern Warfare 3, and Halo Anniversary collection, so we can look forward to what else they bring.

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