Two and a Half Men Season 9: Ashton in the Malibu Beach House

Originally when this picture was shown, I thought it would be some weird marketing ploy just to attract more girls into watching the show. That is thanks in part to new lead star Ashton Kutcher, but was I very wrong. Read on further for our thoughts on Season 9 Episode 1 of Two and a Half Men.

As mentioned before, the episode starts with a funeral for Charlie Harper, who was killed. Previous “girlfriends” or one-night stands of Charlie were in attendance, along with some of Charlie’s friends, while Alan gave the Eulogy about his brother’s passing. As Alan talks about his brother, the women all come to spit on Charlie’s dead body, but can’t due to the nature of his death. For the final words, Alan brings up Rose, who was the last person with Charlie and is married to him. Rose explains that Charlie was the love of her life and even forgave him after she found Charlie sleeping with another woman. She was sad when Charlie magically tripped in front of an oncoming train and exploded into pieces upon impact, which had everyone staring at Rose scared.

This was very similar to a previous episode back in season six, when Emilio Estevez played Charlie’s friend who dies\d suddenly. In the episode, Charlie sees a dream about himself being dead and people spitting in his coffin, insulting him even in death because of everything he had done. Alan was the only exception, because he had no where else to go.

After the funeral, everyone sits and talks about moving forward and Evelyn, Alan, Jake, Herb, Judith and Berta reminisce a little. Evelyn talks about selling the beach house because of the mortgage payments and taxes that Alan can’t afford. Alan asks his mom for help, since Charlie left him the house in the will. Evelyn states that Alan would be lucky if there was any money left for him after paying off everything, including her fees. Eventually the house will be sold, so until then, Alan can enjoy it and show the house off to interested parties.

From here, CBS really wanted to keep people entertained and added some surprises. The first person who comes to see the house is John Stamos, who enjoys the house, but remembers it belonging to Charlie due to a certain night that gave him bad memories and passes the house and leaves. Next we have Dharma and Greg (yes, Chuck Lorre brought back some old friends for this). While Dharma likes the house and its free spirit, Greg dislikes it and makes a joke, leading to Dharma taking him down a few pegs.

Alan, dealing with all these crazy people, finally gets a package containing Charlie’s ashes and thinks about what do with it. He then gets surprised by a wet stranger asking to use his phone as he introduces himself as Walden Schmidt (Ashton Kutcher) and tells Alan he was trying to commit suicide, but the water was too cold. Alan tries to comfort his misfortune until Walden tells Alan he is a billionaire, which Alan is amazed to find out. He wonders why this guy, who is good looking and rich, would want to kill himself.

Alan takes Walden out for a drink to chat, and one thing leads to another, Waldon and Alan take home two girls. Walden takes the girls to Charlie’s bedroom for a fun night, leaving Alan once again all alone. The next morning a naked Walden meets Berta and tells Alan he is going to buy the house as Judith and Jake enter.

Now I may have given away the full episode, but this gives us an idea of where the show plans on going. First with the funeral episode, it was pretty much all insults to Charlie, which kept the pace of the show going on, but might of gone too far. Because Charlie was the key player in the series, it felt weird to have sudden goodbyes with insults thrown in left and right. While all the girls had good reasons to do so, it just didn’t seem right. I cracked a few laughs during the first 15 minutess of the episode, but then it took on a whole different direction.

Once Walden (Ashton) enters midway, he seems to act exactly as he did in That 70’s Show as Kelso, but with more smarts and more emotional, which is similar to Alan in many ways. While this is only the start, and I’m sure Walden will only grow as a character, it wasn’t as funny as it could have been. Playing the naked Ashton Kutcher card was seen more as a way to get more women audiences, since the series never focused so much on nudity as it did on the season premiere. It was the first episode of a new season, so from here on out, we can only imagine how the story ties together, including Walden.

It’s tough to see an important character leave, and Charlie was about 70% of the reason I tuned in every Monday to watch the show, but the show has no choice but to go on. With Charlie Harper being brutally murdered the way he was, that means we can expect to never see him again on Two and a Half Men, unless you’re watching reruns.

The first episode had about 28 million people watching. Some were excited about Ashton being added, others were neutral, and millions of others were watching to see a train wreck. The show’s number is still a very impressive number, and for the next few weeks, we can see how the series will progress.

Episode 1 leaves us with a to be continued, but you can watch the episode on and give us your thoughts

Grade: B+

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