The Old Republic: Guild Alignment

In March of 2011, Bioware decided to launch an early online guild system for The Old Republic. They have recently announced that this was only phase 1 of their guild operations in preparation for the SWTOR launch in November. On top of being able to openly recruit, guild masters and officers are now able to pick and choose their guild allegiances. It’s unsure of what impact this will have in-game, but the main goal of this system is to place familiar guilds or adversaries on the same servers come launch.

Why is this important you may ask and why can’t we just make new friends and enemies? Bioware understands that they are not the first MMO on the market. They know that many guilds have already built bonds and friendships through other MMOS such as WoW, SWG, Eve, and Everquest. Now with the release dawning, they want to reduce the squabble of friends frantically calling each other on release day and arguing about which server to start out on. I believe that this is not only extremely convenient, but also highly thoughtful of Bioware for it’s future customers.

All in all, Bioware is showing us how much they really care about SWTOR, with all the features, videos, systems, previews, open betas, one can really see just how much effort is being put forth in creating a fully immerse Star Wars experience that will keep us playing, making new friends, and creating alliances with each-other for years to come.

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