Andy Samberg Invades Facebook f8 Keynote

SNL funny man, Andy Samberg, opened Facebook’s f8 keynote today as the Zuck Dawg. During the opening monologue, Mark Zuckerberg RockHardAbs talked about the growth of Facebook and new features like The Slow-Poke, and a new section in your list of friends called I’m Not Really Friends With These People.

“It’s the perfect place to put awkward classmates from middle school, older drunk women you meet at charity events, racist neighbors and aunts. It let’s everyone know, I don’t want to be associated with these guys but I can only ignore them for so long.”

It wasn’t before long that the real Zuck Dawg himself took to the stage and revealed the new Timeline layout. You can check out a video of the monologue and a video of the new layout below.

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