Cleavage Babe Gets Gutted in Resident Evil Revelations Trailer

There was a teaser for Resident Evil Revelations that featured the buxom babe by the name of Rachel with bangs covering both her eyes. Not very practical for investigating if you ask me. Many fans felt that she didn’t fit in the Resident Evil universe and didn’t like that she was a prominent character in the teaser (fearing that she may have a bigger role in the game). Now with the extended TGS 2011 trailer, we know that she was just a throwaway character, literally. Pity, I was starting to like her.

Many fans were upset about her haircut and her outfit that exposed her cleavage, but now they should be happy that she won’t be around anymore, or will she?

Resident Evil Revelations will be available early 2012 for the 3DS.

Source: Capcom

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