Batman: Arkham City – Going Gold, Skin Availability, Robin Fully Fleshed Out, and Harley Quinn’s a Dude?

A lot of Batman: Arkham City news has surfaced, and the most exciting news is that the game is now finished. Dax Ginn, marketing manager for Rocksteady, says in the interview below that the game is going to be finished in 30 minutes. By the time the interview’s over, I’m going to assume that the 30 minutes are up.

I was wondering how big of a role Catwoman plays in the game, and it’s mentioned here in the video that she will be playable roughly 10% of the game.

A disturbing revelation for Harley Quinn though, she is being motion captured by Art, the main guy behind most of the stunt performances in the game.

Oh no, please don’t tell me that Catwoman’s sexy moves are also done by Art.

Robin will be available in the Challenge Maps, and he’ll be unique and have a different feeling. He’ll have his own gadgets, a navigation system that’s derived from Batman’s gliding system, but he won’t have Batman’s strength of course.

As for the skins, you’ll be able to use them in the open world.

Batman: Arkham City is shaping up very nicely, especially with all the cool features. I can’t wait until October 18, 2011, to get the game, as it will be available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Source: IGN, Eurogamer

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