Wacom Introduces a Tablet as Big as Your Monitor – The Cintiq 24HD Drawing Tablet

Anyone who loves drawing, especially with Illustrator or any other drawing program, knows the how good Wacom tablets are. Well if you thought those were good, wait til you see this. Wacom just announced the Cintiq 24HD – the largest Wacom interactive display to date. Specs include a massive 24 inch display, 1900 x 1200 resolution and the ability to run color calibrations on complex projects. One cool feature is that the 24HD has over 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity and can detect a single gram of force. The tablet will be paired with the Cintiq Grip Pen that comes with assorted nibs (tips). Besides the standard nib, there is a Felt nib which creates the feeling of using a felt-tip marker and a Stroke nib that mimics a paint brush using a dual action spring.

Now for the downside. The beast costs a bank breaking $2499. But that’s not all, as the 24HD weighs a staggering 63.8 pounds! More than likely this is because it might be meant as a more permanent workspace. To assist with this, the 24HD comes with an adjustable counterweighted stand that has a 40 degree tilt. Other new features include customizable Touch Rings that are on both sides of the display used for changing brush sizes, scrolling and zooming. In addition to that, there are ten Express Keys and a side switch on the pen that can be tailored for modifiers and shortcuts. So for digital artists and graphic designers, if you’ve been looking for a new tablet complete with all the bells and whistles and you have the extra cash, the Cintiq 24HD may be for you.

Source: CNet

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