LA Times HERO COMPLEX – Steven Spielberg Debunks George Lucas’s Re-Release Ideology, 5th Indiana Jones, and More!

The L.A. Times Hero Complex was at it again last night. This time they celebrated the 30th year anniversary of Steven Spielberg’s Raiders of The Lost Ark. The Nokia Live Regal Cinema was packed and ready for show time. First on the agenda was the digitally restored version of Raiders on the big screen. Man was that an experience! I don’t know what is cooler: watching it for the first time on the big screen or someone able to watch it again on the big screen from the original.

The film wrapped up with applauses and eager anticipation as the lights began to slowly come up. Next on the agenda, Steven Spielberg! Host Geoff Boucher introduced himself and immediately the man of the hour. The crowd erupted in jubilee! Seeing Spielberg in person was awesome. He looks just like he does in most of his pictures; short, hat on, and a perfectly trimmed facial appearance. Shortly after Spielberg’s entrance, a special surprise guest appeared. Harrison Ford was now among us with his dry humor and deep raspy-manly voice.

The Q&A session lasted for about an hour and was filled with personal queries, short stories, and eager information about upcoming project from both Ford and Spielberg – which brings me to the juicy info.

Spielberg touched on the fact that his good friend George Lucas went a different route with how he re-packaged and re-sold his Star Wars franchise. “George Lucas created the films, and without him we wouldn’t be graced to have them.” Spielberg said. “George can do whatever he wants.” However, as for E.T. and a “near” re-release of the Indiana Jones films, Spielberg went on to add, “I had a regret when I re-released E.T. when it first came out on DVD format. I made a couple of changes that were in the back of my mind throughout the time since it was originally released.” He went on to add, “At first after the DVD release I was satisfied, but then began to realize that I had made a mistake. I took a little bit away from those who have had this image of E.T. means for them when they watched it on the big screen, or on tape.” This was basically leading up to the question about the Indiana Jones franchise and anything else Spielberg has touched. Spielberg went to say as much as, “I want to take a vote, ‘Would anyone here object to an E.T. single original formatted Blu-Ray disc in the re-release on Blu-Ray’?” The crowd yelled “NO!” Needless to say Spielberg finished with, “When it comes time, which is near, that the Indiana Jones franchise is to be released it will be hopefully in its perfect original form.” This hoping that Spielberg and Lucas can agree to something.

Ford was hard pressed to answer questions concerning a fifth Indiana film. “If we don’t go to Mars!” Ford replied. He added, “I would love to come back to a fifth installment of the film.” At this point you could see Spielberg gesture a fist pump on his directing stool.

Spielberg touched lightly on a few of his upcoming films but did not divulge much that the general public and especially the NERD kind don’t know already. So hopefully we can look forward to a better ending to the Jones franchise, Spielberg to re-master but not retouch his future released films, and for maybe George Lucas to take this as a wake-up call!

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