New Skyward Sword Pics and Items Shown at TGS 2011

Nintendo just loves to keep things under the lid until they’ve been cooked thoroughly. Sure they might give you a little peak, but you won’t be stealing a taste of the brew until it’s nearly finished. Such has been the way of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. We’ve gotten only around two small gameplay demonstrations since it was unveiled.

Link can vacuum things up, including this sand, to find secrets.

Use the Wii remote to aim around and follow this circular radar to discover secrets.

During Nintendo’s 3DS press conference for TGS, they opened with some new Skyward Sword footage, and I have to say, it re-infused my enthusiasm for the game. There are a few new gadgets they showed, such as one that allows link to suck up sand and reveal things below the surface. Considering it’s a Zelda game, you can be it will be used for puzzle and probably battle purposes as well. Another item allowed link to have an on-screen radar-like ability, which gradually guides players to some hidden item through visual clues.

One of the main new additions to the battle system will allow link to use his new sprint move to run up an enemy’s shield and over his head for a back attack. I was pretty surprised that they were including a mechanic as complex as this, especially considering that in the past, and even in games like God of War, it would happen more as a quick-time event. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is looking really, really good, and who knows, maybe it could even be game of the year. Its release date is November 20th in North America.

Link rides a bird and battles a giant beast in the air. Plenty of epic feeling here.

Initial reaction: "Kill it with fire!" It'll probably be more complicated than that though.

::UPDATE:: Here’s some footage of Skyward Sword at the Nintendo 2011 TGS event:

And a second video:

Videos via: VG247

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