PlayStation 4 – Rumor is it’s Coming in 18 Months

The rumor mills are running rampant with news of the PlayStation 4 being released within the next 18 months. Not years, months! Well technically one year and six months. Could it be that SONY has decided to push forward in the industry earlier than anyone had ever expected? The rumor stems from who are reporting from a source described as a non “neophyte, outsider, gossip, fake, or show off” with information gathered from a high-level meeting;  surely accurate. Did you detect my speculation/sarcasm? Be it as it may, how wild would it be if SONY really did have the PS4 already in post production, and in final preparation for a world-wide release? What would this mean for the industry? Let’s think about this for a minute.

SONY pairs up with two other major Japanese technology manufactures and receives a huge investment sum from the Japanese government. LCD enabled screen devices receive a huge push in the world market; both production and tech advancement. At the start of 2011, SONY was reported to have sold over 47million systems worldwide. In 2011 SONY also gets hacked multiple times resulting in major down times on the PSN network. In 2011 SONY’s home-base is also rocked by one of the most post-catastrophic incidences resulting from an earthquake.  So with all this SONY decides to push forward with the PS4. What a, pardon the phrase, ballsy move to gain lead over the industry, and stimulate the market as a whole. I only see one good thing in the immediate future for myself which is far off from most of you: that it is a good thing I still don’t have an LCD flat-screen t.v or the PlayStation 3 because now I can wait. And then there is the other phrase, what a bunch of bologna! Interesting nonetheless.



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