New ‘Ni No Kuni’ Trailer Travels the World, Ramen Shops Included

Ni No Kuni, a game developed by Level-5 (Dragon Quest 8, 9), will soon be released in Japan on November 17th on PS3 in Japan. Given that Square-Enix published the Dragon Quest games in Japan, but that Dragon Quest 9 was published by Nintendo in America, there’s no telling whether or not we’ll see it here.

Hop on a dragon, you lazy humans.
The trailer takes us to various beautiful locales, including a kind of ramen street cafe, a stormy ocean, a castle, a beach, to the skies, and even a graveyard (and yes, even the graveyard could be considered beautiful).

This game looks like a Studio Ghibli anime come to…err…video game…life. Let’s hope it graces the lands outside of Japan. If not, I’m importing.

Here’s that fab trailer:

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