Monitor Review: Sceptre X270W-1080P

Over at the NR HQ, we recently received a new monitor from Sceptre,the X270W1080P. Now, I’ve reviewed movies, video games, even a porn parodies but never a computer monitor. Imagine how funny I thought it was when I found out the unit I’d be reviewing is made by the same people that made the monitor I currently own. This is my current computer monitor…..


Made by Sceptre, but obviously there has been some major advancements in technologies since my P773 graced the sales floor of a Best Buy. Lets see just how far they have come.

The Sceptre X270W is a sleek black HD LCD monitor with DVI, HDMI  and VGA inputs. The 27″ inch screen offers Full 1080 x 1920 HD 16:9 Widescreen. The X270W offers a audio input for its built-in speakers but obviously you’re going to want to use your own speakers. I only wish the monitor had a Audio Out or Component Cable inputs.

Using the multiple inputs available, I was able to hook up to both my PC and my Xbox 360, which works perfectly for me. I can seamlessly switch between procrastinating and being productive as quickly as switching inputs. The monitor works really well for gaming as the colors are full and vibrant.

Sceptre’s X270W is definitely not the best monitor in the world but for the price, you just can’t beat it. Extras may be limited but that what separates this $300 monitor from something that will cost well over $1000.

Grade: B

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