D*C: Nerd Reactor Takes Over Atlanta for DragonCon 2011!

DragonCon is a GO and Nerd Reactor has traveled more than 2,000 miles to celebrate in the mecca of East Coast cosplay. We were inspired to attend this cross-country convention from the reputation gained by our other media partners…and BOY DOES IT LIVE UP TO THE HYPE.

DragonCon is in its 25th year and occurs annually during Labor Day weekend. Downtown Atlanta’s activities span across several connected hotels, so those that are usually bothered by Atlanta’s high humidity can rejoice in that outdoor venturing can be kept to a minimum except for…AHEM….beverage refills.

Your D*C coverage crew in the sardine can they call the Boeing 737: John Nguyen, JR Cajigas, and Michael Pao.

Editor-in-Chief John Nguyen touches down in Atlanta Jackson-Montgomery Airport with NR Shirts in one rolley, cosplay gear in the other.

If DragonCon didn’t get you at “Mecca of Cosplay,” then maybe the Celebrity/Industry/Performers Guest List will. It is hard to keep track of which stars are appearing because it seems that the list keeps on growing. Just recently we heard that Eliza Dushku was added to appear in panels for Dollhouse and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Add that to the already star-studded list of Felicia Day, Michael Rosenbaum, William Shatner, Terry Brooks, Richard Garfield, and Michael Whelan, just to name a “few” <—-(understatement). Check out the full list at http://dragoncon.org/dc_guests_list.php.

One thing that immediately stood out and distinguished DragonCon from other conventions is……

…the presence and support of YOUR FAVORITE BREW. It was only Day 0 of DragonCon, yet the hotel lobbies were teeming with cosplay wee into the 2am night. Much of the scenes were supplemented by the bar venues provided by the hosting hotels. Kudos to hotel security and DragonCon staff for making sure things never got out of hand; belligerence and obscenity were no where to be seen.

"Pay It Forward" Blood Drive. Get a DragonCon shirt!

What convention is complete without a great cause. Annually, DragonCon encourages everyone to donate blood. The program is called the 2011 Robert A. Heinlen “Pay It Forward” Blood Drive and will be open everyday of the con to all those who want to donate to a great cause. Good karma is not the only reward here, since blood donors will receive a free DragonCon Blood Donor shirt (as modeled above). Monetary donations are not the only way to make a difference in this world, so come and be a part of this great cause. DragonCon wishes to remind all to eat a healthy balanced meals prior to donating blood.


DragonCon Basic Info/By the Numbers:

  • Date: Labor Day Weekend – Friday September 2, 2011 to Monday September 5, 2011
  • Location: Downtown Atlanta, Georgia
  • 40,000+ Attendees
  • 1700+ Volunteers
  • 3500 Hours of Programming
  • 382 Guests
  • 25 Years
  • 16 Hotels
  • 5 Football Fields of Merchandise for Sale


Stay tuned for more DragonCon Coverage from NerdReactor.com including cosplay montages and event coverage.


Check out our video coverage here!



SOURCE: http://dragoncon.org/








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