Sony, Toshiba, Hitachi – MERGE & What it Means for You

Reports are flooding news agencies around the world of a confirmed Sony Corp., Toshiba Corp., and Hitachi Ltd. merge of their LCD production values. With the recent disaster that is still contributing to mass turmoil and economic recovery efforts, Japan’s INCJ (Innovation Network Corp. of Japan) is going to invest $2.6 billion into the three companies in a deliberate effort to keep them ahead of competition from South Korean and Taiwan rivals, unify the manufactures strongest market production, and surge investment money from the hard hit yen currency.

What does this mean for you and I? From an economic view, it is to early to specify what the ramifications will certainly be, but maybe some of the competitors that Japan and these companies fear will do the same, or worse. Perhaps this is the beginning of the end for the handful of other major manufactures. We just don’t know. From a technology driven standpoint this means faster gains in the LCD market. This is just another way to say that these three power-houses will push the industry into the next generation viewing displays; LCD or not.

For an idea of what may be coming sooner because of this, take a look at what was specifically mentioned after the merger: organic light-emitting-diode displays. Video from CES2011

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