Goodbye Facebook Check-ins, Hello Souped Up Geotagging

facebook places being phased outPart of a new set of features that Facebook will be rolling out this week and the coming days, designed to further enhance your Facebook experience, “Places” on your mobile phone will eventually vanish into oblivion. Okay, maybe not quite vanish, but it’s getting a very interesting update.

Before, Facebook introduced their mobile check-in feature really as a response to Foursquare. It could be that Facebook had always had that feature in the back of its mind, but hurriedly rushed its release when it found that Foursquare was becoming a formidable animal in the social jungle. Now what is seen as a response to Google+, Facebook is rolling out a set of new features to help keep itself more relevant and supposedly “easier.”

Now, Facebook is really amping up geotagging in a more accessible way. In the past, you could only check-in to places via a mobile phone. When you share anything on Facebook now, you have the option of sharing your location with that post. For instance, instead of checking in, and then posting a status update about where you checked-in, now you post the update and then ADD where you are. This goes for photo uploads, news sharing, link posting, etc. And now what’s really new is the fact that non-mobile updates also get this feature.

Like I had mentioned earlier, this new feature is being rolled out with several new things that Facebook is releasing these coming days. Mostly among them are easier, newer ways to control your privacy settings on the social media giant. You know that handy feature where you can type in a person’s name and see what they would see when they would run into your profile? Well now that feature is coming to the front within your home page, as opposed to it being a little bit buried behind the scenes.

facebook introduces geotagging features


Other features include the ability to control what groups of people see what on your profile now as an inline menu brought to the front, tagging people you aren’t friends with yet (they would have to approve it first, more info below), tagging Pages even if you aren’t fans of them yet, the ability to remove tags AND politely request the uploader to remove a photo, and ability to change privacy controls of a post or update AFTER you’ve made the update already. Do you remember a long time ago you had to approve requests to tag you in photos? Well, it’s kind of back. You know how the photo would just post on your wall when someone tagged you? Now you have to approve those wall posts. If you want to be not tagged in those photos, you still have to go in and click “Remove Tag” (and you’ll also get that cool option to request your friend to take that ugly picture of you doing a kegstand down).

Also, remember when you had to approve tagging when your friends tagged other people in them? That’s also back.

As you can tell, these are a lot of new features, updates, and revivals that Facebook is releasing, but it will be a slow rollout in the coming days and weeks, maybe. Also, I am beginning to think that Facebook probably had plans for this all along, but had a fire lit under their asses when Google+ started blowing up in number of profiles.

But when you read everywhere that your competitor is doing so many more cooler and better things than you, wouldn’t you want to kind of shape up and still seem formidable? It’s almost like that one guy you refused to date because he was so weird back in the day, and now he’s grown into this hunky, intelligent, almost too popular man who’s now leaving you in the dust. Yeah. It’s kind of like that. </grudge>


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