From GameStop to Deus Ex PC Customers: ‘Our Bad, Sorry, Here is a $50 Gift Card’

Just earlier today GameStop HQ released a letter to all retail managers stating that any customer who had purchased a copy of Deus Ex for the PC (before the recall) can come into the store to pick up a free $50 dollar gift card and a “buy 2 get one free” coupon for any pre-owned game. Woot!

Reason being is that GameStop employees were ordered to open all new copies of the game and remove the franchise’s competitor’s coupon. OnLive is directly competing with GameStop’s own online services. GameStop had no right ordering the removal of a product from its retail provider’s casing and has been bombarded with complaints that the contents of the purchases were incomplete. Unable to refute this fact, GameStop has issued a formal apology to anybody that has purchased a PC copy of Deus Ex via phone call and/or email, on top of the gift card and coupon.

Although Square Enix has decided to shoulder the blame for this entire mishap, it’s nice to see that GameStop has also taken some responsibility in the matter. It also goes to show that they cannot violate your simple consumer rights under any circumstances. If the contents of the box say something is included, unless you agree that you do not want that item, GameStop is still responsible in providing them for any new product.

The email was as followed:

Dear GameStop customer,

Earlier this week, GameStop removed a competitor’s coupon from standard edition PC versions of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, a recent release by Square Enix. We were not aware that the product box would contain this competitor’s offer. We regret the events surrounding this title release and that our customers were put in the middle of this issue between GameStop and Square Enix, the publisher of this game. And for this, we are truly sorry.

For your inconvenience, we would like to offer you a free $50 GameStop gift card and a Buy 2 Get 1 Free pre-owned purchase. We want to earn back your trust and confidence in the GameStop experience. Please bring in this email and your store receipt or order confirmation from and present it to a Game Advisor.

Paul Raines
CEO, GameStop

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