Wolverine 2 Shoot to Be Postponed Until 2012?

Hugh Jackman has mentioned that filming the Wolverine sequel was to start in October of this year. Looks like that may not be the case, as FOX is pushing the dates back to Spring of 2012. The script by Christopher McQuarrie has Wolverine placed in Japan, and looking for a shooting location is tough due to the weather conditions there. Canada might be the best option for filming. We’re not sure whether the whole shoot would be in Canada or some of it. Another thing that might delay the movie is Hugh Jackman finishing up with Les Miserables.

If Fox is now considering Canada as a faux-Japan, couldn’t they have done this when Darren Aronofsky was attached to direct? We were lead to believe that Darren left the project because he didn’t want to stay in Japan for a long time.

Wolverine 2 will be directed by James Mangold (Kate and Leopold) and stars Hugh Jackman as the raging Canadian.

Anyway, what’s this about Les Miserables?

Source: Deadline

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