It Takes Two to Tango: PC

Tango has not been around for a while. The company has been doing outstanding in a time where, especially in a market of heavy competditors, it might not have succeeded. The company offers a free platform for crossing video and calling service on mobile devices. After just 10 months in service, reports came in that Tango succedded in over 18 million users in 190 countries.

That’s not all. Tango is hungry and now are on their way to releasing a PC platform software to integrate all of their enabled platforms. What’s this mean for most of you smartphone users? Now you will not have to cross app with Skype, Qik Video, iPhone Video, and all those other after party apps. Tango is getting it right the first time and allowing for a smooth-across-the-board platform. For more, check out Tango – Be there!

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