LINUX Turns 20

Just like when Prince unknowingly predicted that his hit song 1999 would be a hit in 1999, Linux did the same. Party like it’s 199-20 years later! For a company that has been in the shadows of giants like Microsoft, MacintoshApple, and now the looming internet giants like Google, they are still kicking it old school and running strong.

What’s the reason for Linux’s success? Open Source. For tech junkies, college students, professors, and entrepreneurs, Linux has held a firm foundation for its unwittingly determination of open source software. I’ve always wondered if in the movie TRON, the underlining message was LYNN Corporation. Far fetched, but we will never know.

The 20th anniversary will mark Linux to version 3.0, which in consumer reports was deemed not as eventful as the actual anniversary. Regardless, my hat is to you Linux for going strong 20 years later. Find out more at

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