If You’re Looking to Buy a Copy of Deus Ex for PC, then Gamestop Isn’t the Place to Be *Update*

What no code.....Roar!!

It’s sad really. Normally, Gamestop is the place to go to get your exclusive in-game items, but for the first time, Gamestop is taking away an item pre-packaged in the game because the item comes from one of Gamestop’s many many competitors, Onlive.

So what does this mean to the buyers? Well, it means the game was previously opened (could be at Gamestop’s distribution center or even in store) and the code was pulled out and then sold to you as is. This was confirmed by GameStop representative, Beth Sharum, who said, “Square Enix packed the competitor’s coupon with our DX:HR product without our prior knowledge and we did pull and discard these coupons.” So if you don’t care for an extra download copy of the game or have an Onlive account, this won’t matter to you. For everyone else who just wants a complete copy rather than a tampered with product, Gamestop isn’t the place to get it, so try another place like Best Buy, Target or Amazon.

I imagine there are a few upset gamers who either didn’t know about this until they saw that something was missing from their box, or just read the news and are now mad at Gamestop.

*update* Gamestop apparently isn’t too happy right now and sent out a memo to all stores telling them to pull all PC copies of the game and place them in the back so all copies can be returned to the publisher. So unless you pre-ordered your copy, Gamestop won’t be carrying it.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is available now on PS3/Xbox 360 for $59.99, with an Augmented Version LE for $69.99, or the PC version for $49.99

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