SDCC 2011: Sexy Tablet Talk with AMD VP Leslie Sobon

AMD VP Leslie Sobon preparing for Comic-Con 2011 in a picture published on AMD's official blog. was invited to have a one-on-one chat with AMD Vice-President Leslie Sobon at the Comic-Con AMD Press Lounge in the San Diego Omni Hotel. Leslie is tasked with world-wide product marketing and her latest news is a partnership with film director Robert Rodriguez. Robert Rodriguez announced at Comic-Con this year that Quick Draw Productions will be partnering with AMD to produce “brilliant HD experiences.” Essentially, this means that Rodriguez will be using AMD’s Vision and Cloud technology to provide consistent viewing experiences. Leslie explained about teaming up with major HDTV manufacturers and adding a feature that allows movie watchers to “view this movie the way that Robert Rodriguez intends you to view it.” Leslie clarified that Robert Rodriguez is not becoming a spokesperson, but more an exemplar of utilizing AMD’s newest technology. Specific details were not discussed at the time of the interview, but it was divulged that Rodriguez utilized AMD’s Vision Technology in his latest Spy Kids film to create visual effects in-house rather than using 3rd parties. This streamlined production approach will guarantee that Rodriguez’s vision gets transferred to his movies in the most direct way.

Acer Tablet utilizing AMD APU technology.

We were also able to chat about other areas of AMD like the growing tablet market. This is where Leslie and I coined the term, “Tablets are sexy.” Indeed, tablets are sexy when coupled with AMD’s high powered Fusion chips that does CPU and GPU processing on a single chip (called APU’s). AMD’s Fusion chips are manufactured in a widely advertised 32 nm process. This allows a greater number of transistors to fit on a silicon wafer, hence increasing its processing power. AMD’s latest APU’s boasts a dual core 1 ghz CPU with an integrated DirectX 11 GPU, a powerhouse for mobile devices. The market is just transitioning from 45 nm like that used in AMD’s Phenom II and Intel’s Core i7 (1st gen) desktop processors. The processor market is constantly evolving and we can expect many more announcements as we count the days to CES 2012 next January.

What interview with Leslie is complete without mentioning the “Get a Geek in 5 Easy Lessons” kerfuffle. For those unaware, Leslie wrote an article on Sept 22, 2010 on AMD’s official blog about how to attract a geeky boyfriend. This was quickly subject to many criticisms from the tech journalism world, especially Engadget, as lame, unfunny, and misleading. It wasn’t clear if Leslie was actually giving dating advice or writing a satirical article. Either way, the article gave “bad” dating advice like faking interest in geeky topics and ignoring an “obvious” tacky clothes style.

When mentioning “Get a Geek in 5 Easy Lessons,” I noticed that Leslie got into a reserved mode where she was unsure about which side of the spectrum I was going to attack from. This was completely understandable given the sour responses she’s already received, so I started out with my honest to goodness opinion: “An AMD 5990 video card or a sexy tablet would win my heart immediately if my significant other gave me one of those.” Official AMD Blog or not, there’s an obvious satirical generalizing in Leslie’s article. Through the duration of our interview, Leslie and I sized up each other’s inner geek by chatting AMD history, CPU history, and overclocking mishaps that we’ve had. She qualified as a geek in my books so her generalizing of the geek should be appropriately taken as satire (think of comedian Jo Koy and Asians). With this subject now to rest, it is important to focus on the more important things in life… like which special lady will be winning my heart with an AMD 5990 video card or sexy tablet in hand. Do you hear that Nerd Reactor readers?? đŸ˜€

At the conclusion of our interview, Leslie insisted that we check out the AMD Press Lounge next door. I was joined by two AMD PR managers who led me to a room complete with 2 human sized hamster balls playing Fallout: New Vegas and an abundance of gaming rigs. This being Comic-Con, AMD knew how to make a geek haven. In order to complete my geek image:  I tightened my bow-tie, kicked on my “non-negotiable” flip flops, and stuffed my cheeks with hospitality sandwiches and Mountain Dew before heading back out into “stinky” Comic-Con crowd. See you at CES 2012, Leslie.





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