UFC on Fox

As a big UFC fan, I am glad to hear this news. Fox and UFC have signed a 7-year deal, according to LA TIMES. They will start to show fights on November 12th, pitting it against the Pacquiao Vs. Marques III. But according to UFC and Fox, they plan to be done before the main event starts and they just want to be the precursor of the main event. To me, I would have been offended if they planned to upstage Pacquiao, but since it’s a build up to the fight I don’t mind.

No word on who will fight in the card that day but there is a match happening at the Honda Center in Anaheim, so a couple matches will probably be shown from that card.

No word on who exactly is going to be shown from all those cards that night, but I can’t wait for this event. Fox also plans to show some of UFC’s other shows on other Fox cable channels. If you want more details please check the link below.

Source: LA Times

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