Senitype: The Movie Ticket You’ll Want to Keep

During Comic-Con ’11, I was introduced to a company called Senitype. They specialize in movie tickets that you can collect. What makes them a collectible? Just take a look at my Senitype Captain America movie ticket below. It contains an original 35mm film frame from the movie, a code to redeem the movie ticket, are printed in limited quantities, and features a cool unique image, depending on the movie. Senitype has the the help from companies like Fox, DreamWorks, Paramount, Universal, Disney, WB, Sony, Microsoft and others.

Yeah, I’m number 1,270 out of 10,000. To redeem the code for your movie, just scratch the scratcher part on the back of the movie ticket card.

To buy your own Senitype Collectible Movie Ticket, you can visit My Captain America movie ticket is currently $15. Regular movie ticket prices are around $11 here in Southern California. So for just $4 more, you get a 35mm frame and a cool image card to hold the frame in.

Source: Senitype

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