NFL Sunday Ticket on the PS3

My PS3 just got a little better now that the NFL Sunday Ticket has been added to it. This was when @TheKevinButler tweeted, “Live NFL games on your PS3? (self hi-five) RT @PlayStation:@NFL SUNDAY TICKET is coming to PS3:” This comes as good news for all users, those that already own the NFL Sunday Ticket and the To-Go service and for those that don’t have NFL Sunday Ticket, both will be able to add NFL Sunday Ticket to their PS3s.

Those that don’t have the NFL Sunday Ticket package will have to pay in the area of $340+ which is about $5 more than the regular pricing. And those that already have the NFL Sunday Package and the To-Go service will just have to add it to their PS3s with no extra charge. So this is a bit pricey and will hit you hard in the wallet.

And for those that have other devices such as iPad/iPod, Blackberry, Palm Pre/Pixi, and Droid phones. It will not only show games but those that are fantasy buffs, which I am, will also get an up-to-date stats on players. But these stats are only from fantasy leagues, so if you are a member somewhere else then the stats may be useless to you. But at least you will know if your player has scored or your defense made a play. Get more info at the link below.

Source: PS Blog

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