StarCraft 2 Tournament – L2P by Observation!

With the popularity of StarCraft 2, it is not unheard of to see tournaments organized wherever gamers gather. Enter piqued our interest in being a tournament organized outside a major gaming hub. This is a purely for-fun league for amateurs with throwing support behind this homebrew gaming establishment. Although Season 1 has quickly filled up (as of 8/11/11), there is already great promise and support for a Season 2.

Season 1’s schedule and bracket will be as follows:

  • Fri, Aug 12th:      Sign-up deadline.
  • Fri, Aug 19th:      Ro16 match-ups begin.
  • Fri, Aug 26th:      Ro16 replay submission deadline.
  • Fri, Sep 2nd:       Ro8 match-ups begin.
  • Fri, Sep 9th:        Ro8 replay submission deadline.
  • Sat, Sep 24th:     Semi Final Games Cast Live.
  • Sat, Oct 1st:        FINALS Cast Live. has donated the Grand Prize for Season 1: a Noobz Raynor figure that was only given to BlizzCon attendees. answers some of our questions:

We understand that there are tons of players out there that aren’t pros but still yearn for the experience that pro players have in the major tournaments like GSL or MLG.  The Killshot tournament is purely for FUN! Not everyone is a grandmaster at StarCraft, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to feel like one. We offers amateur gamers the chance to feel the glory of participating in a professionally cast tournament.

We’re two up and coming casters Kaleido and Longshot, who joined forces to make Killshot. We’re just two guys who love starcraft and E-sports.  And most of all, we love casting amateur games in a professional manner.

The tournament starts Friday Aug 12th and lasts for about 6 weeks.  All games will be cast professionally and made available through the website itself ( ).  The finals will be cast live and streamed on  Sign up slot are filling up fast, so be sure to signup before it’s too late!

We’re looking into casting the tournament in front of a live audience in Los Angeles, CA.  Check back on the website for more on that later…but the tournament itself is just taking place on the North American server: BNet US, so anyone can play from the comfort of their own home.

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Twitter @trkaleido


Submit your replays to be cast professionally to Longshot:
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