Review: ‘Fright Night’ – Vampires That Don’t Suck! .. Kinda

In theaters August 19, 2011, Fright Night (2011) is a remake of the 1985 version by director Tom Holland. It focuses around teenager Charley Brewster (Anton Yelchin, best known for starring in Hearts of Atlantis) with a suspicion that his new neighbor is indeed a vampire (played brilliantly by Colin Farrell). At first reluctant to accept the fact, our hero begins to accept this actuality when he starts to notice strange disappearances in his home town, nestled close to Las Vegas. Finally deciding to take up arms, Charley realizes that in order to save his smoking hot girlfriend, he has to kick some undead ass with the help of a “Paranormal Specialist”.

What really made me enjoy this flick more than past recent vampire movies was that the lore was done right. Nothing sparkled, nothing glowed, there was very little “Tween” drama. In fact, the only romance in the movie was between our hero and his girlfriend, and even then, it was highly awkward. The CG was done brilliantly and nothing was really “over the top”. The only thing that made me a little disappointed was that the script did not flow as well as the original. While this movie was an adaptive remake, it is just extremely difficult to adapt old scripts to modern times. This resulted in some highly awkward moments that made me raise an eyebrow and ask myself, what were they thinking!

Seeing it in 3D, it is easy to notice that it was not made to be shown that way originally. Although it does enhance the experience slightly, this movie is also great in good ol’ standard parameters. Overall, Fright Night is a great date movie or a “lets stay in and watch something” kinda flick. So if you’re wondering what to see this weekend, and feel like watching a movie about a nerd that decides to start kicking some vampire ass, then Fright Night is a great choice.

  • Story: B+
  • Acting: B-
  • CG: A-
  • Sound/Music: A-

Final Overall Grade: B+


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