Comic Hit List: Fear Itself #5

The battle between Thor against the hammer wielding Hulk and Thing comes to a climax in the fifth issue of ‘Fear Itself’. Artists Stuart Immonen (Nextwave and The New Avengers) and Wade Von Grawbadger (Starman and Avengers) brings the heat to the table as readers almost feel each and every punch contained within these pages. But story-wise this fifth issue was a minor speed bump in a less than impressive story arc. In this fifth issue we see the heroes beginning to regroup, but even moments such as Franklin Richards returning the Thing back to normal or Steve Rodgers returning as Captain America were pretty dull. Even when the big bad Serpent destroys Captain America’s shield as if it was a rusty piece of tin all I could do is shrug and say ‘oh well’.

Not to say ‘Fear Itself’ #5’s story totally fails to deliver on every level. I particularly enjoyed the dialog between a desperate Tony Stark (with a bottle of hooch) and the Asgardian god Odin demanding that mankind be given at least a fighting chance against those who wield the hammers. I can’t wait to see what the hi-tech weapons maker does with Odin’s workshop (the same workshop where the god created Mjolnir).

With two more issues to go in this summer event I ask myself where is all the fear in ‘Fear Itself’? All I know is that it’s not in these pages.

Grade: C

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