Control a Gang of Kirby in ‘Kirby Mass Attack’

It’s been awhile since we had a Kirby game on a handheld… or should I say a good one. Kirby and the Magical Mirror was one of my favorite games and it was on the Gameboy Advance, followed by Squeak Squad for the DS.

3 years have passed since we had an original Kirby handheld game, (I say original since the last title was Super Star Ultra) until now when Nintendo released a new trailer for the next title Kirby: Mass Attack. I find it odd that Nintendo did not make this game for the 3DS, since there is a lack of titles for the system, but as long as it’s fun to play I won’t complain.

Kirby must return to his original form after an evil wizard named Necrodius splits him into ten, but Kirby must unlock more by eating. Who won’t enjoy controlling a squad led by Kirby, but it seems the game will only work via the touch screen. While I prefer controlling my Kirby, or in this case, Kirbys (Kirbies? whatever the plural is) we will know when the game releases September 19th.

So Nintendo where has all the Kirby hype been?


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