‘Kingdom Hearts 3D’ Playable at TGS and Talks of HD Kingdom Hearts

It’s been about a year since the last Kingdom Hearts game came out and that title was a prequel titled Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep for the PSP. The next title in the series will be Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, which follows both Sora and Riku and will ultimately set up what hopefully will be Kingdom Hearts 3.

It was recently announced by KH creator Tetsuya Nomura that his team is working hard on the game. It will be playable at Tokyo Game Show next month and will be the flashiest title to date, so it will only serve to tease those of us not lucky to attend TGS. Nomura plans to have the game release early next year… in Japan, meaning Summer or later for other countries.

An interesting comment Nomura made was that it would be tough for new fans to join the series so late in the game, since Kingdom Hearts first released back in 2002. 2012 would be its 10-year anniversary, so there is thought of doing some type of HD remaster program for the series.

Even if you played KH and KH2 for PS2 almost a decade ago, who wouldn’t want an HD remake of the game?

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