Fireburst Concept Art

Back in April we covered a character trailer for an upcoming racing game titled Fireburst, and there hasn’t been too much information since. Just recently thanks to some friends at BH and Indiepub, we were able to get some of the artwork, and concept art from the game stages along side with some background detail from the team including how and why certain stages got their names.

The game still has no release date, only having a late 2011 release, but who is to complain about a look at the game before it’s released?

“Hightower Mountain is a very beautiful track as you drive through a scenic canyon. During the development of this map, we changed a lot of elements, but the initial part nearly stayed the same. The map gradually became more beautiful as we added greenery, including moss textures on the rocks.

We named this track “Hightower Mountain” since it’s covered by several statues of Hightower, a millionaire with a huge ego and the owner of the Fireburst racing league. The map is split into two main routes for nearly half of the track. It also has one of the coolest jumps in the game where you can get from one track to another, which also serves as a very helpful shortcut to catch up to your opponents. The beginning of the map is quite difficult due to its narrow, edgy paths. But at the end, the road gets wider and turns into a high-speed racetrack.”

“Although this track was named Saltlake from the beginning, it underwent some heavy visual changes during its development. In the early design stages, Saltlake was just a drying lake. We chose a sunset setting with water, shipwrecks, mud and plenty of grass. It was looking quite nice, but it was too similar to some of the other tracks. So we decided to change it back to a really dry salt lake with grey and blue as the dominating colors, providing its own very unique look.

In gameplay, the map is really interesting because it offers a wide variety of routes. At the beginning, there is a huge, open area where you cross the salt lake. Then it takes you to a higher, curvy road continued by another track that is split with several bridges and plenty of jumps.”

“The initial concept drawings already captured the visuals, which were inspired by the huge warehouse from the “Indiana Jones” movies. But this map was totally remodeled during development. We weren’t happy with the track because it simply wasn’t fun to drive. So we decided to re-work the track from scratch and just used all the prop objects we already had.

With the new track layout – which includes one of the coolest jumps in the game – Warehouse is really fun to drive. Additionally, we implemented moving cranes that you need to dodge for added challenge. The cranes move from one side to the other, so you are seeing the same cranes in the beginning and in the end of the level. This is a very cool element that enriches the gameplay because you always need to keep an eye on the cranes while you drive.”

“Freight Depot was one of the only tracks that had minor improvements during development. The idea was to have a lot of rails with trains so that the trains split the track into several routes. That way, the player would drive along the trains and through a freight depot. It worked quite well right from the start, so it was just a matter of tweaking and polishing the map.”

There’s still more to come including questions to the team behind the game so if you have any questions you would like to ask, go to our forums and post your question to the developers EX Dream so we can them answered.

Fireburst will be available in Q4 2011 for Playstation 3 via PSN for $15, and on Xbox 360 via XBLA for 1200 microsoft points.


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