‘Mars Needs Moms’ Blu-Ray DVD and Movie Review

mars needs mom blu ray dvd

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Let me start off by saying that the movie is freakin adorable, and Seth Green is just a genius in his own right. If you haven’t seen the movie, I encourage you to watch it. But, for those with mommy issues, it will strike hard at home.

The movie chronicles the adventure of Milo, a nine-year old boy dealing with a strict mother. When you were nine years old, you may have at one point said “Life would be better if I didn’t have a mom at all!” or something of that nature. Well, that is exactly what Milo said and next thing you know, she is abducted by aliens.

This martian race has been abducting strict moms for their “nannybots” which are robotic care-takers responsible for raising the martian babies. These robots are injected with the discipline from the mothers they have abducted, which they’ve somehow managed to figure out. And after the discipline has been soaked up from the mothers, they are then disposed of, for lack of a better of a better term.

Milo hitches a ride in the martian spaceship and discovers the workings of this alien race via another human, Gribble, who happens to secretly inhabit Mars. Milo learns that Gribble too was a victim of mother abduction and hitching a ride on an alien spacecraft years ago, and Milo convinces Gribble to embark on the adventure of saving his mom and going back to planet Earth.

With the help of Ki, the hippie alien who is in love with the Earthling race, they go through a fun and exciting ride through the intensely guarded, elaborate, multi-level world against this alien race, which is actually full of only females. Turns out the Supervisor, their leader, has been separating male babies from the females at birth, and has been sending them down into this junkyard further below the planet, where all the males have grown up into what seems like a hippie, tribal group. Leading the revolt on the females of the alien race, with the help of Gribble, Ki, Two-cat (Gribble’s pet machine cat) and the male race down below, Milo saves not only his mother, but also helps demolish the evil doings of the Supervisor, and leaves the planet in the hands of Ki and Gribble.

mars needs moms screenshot - milo, gribble, and ki

Milo, Gribble, and Ki. © Disney

The movie ends on a very heartfelt and graceful note, and makes you realize to not take your mother for granted. For a Disney film, it is a bit juvenile in terms of dialogue, but I am really surprised at how action-packed this movie is. I think it’s great, because I almost felt like a kid watching the movie, and just like a kid, I can sometimes have A.D.D. But the movie did a great job moving from one scene to the next without losing your attention. Definitely a good way to teach your child a good life lesson and keep them attentively in one position for almost an hour and a half.

The case came in, nice and glossy, as it should. I mean, it is a futuristic and colorful movie. Now with that being said, my first disappointment came earlier than expected. For a children’s movie with such vivid imagery, color, and effects, the menu screen is extremely bland. The screen lacks color, has an uninteresting menu font, and a few movie clips with little sound effects. Not a very imaginative menu screen; it was almost like the DVD creator had no budget or a lack of interest.

Now, as far as the video and sound, everything was pretty crisp. I watched this on a large 65″ TV, so it gave me a really nice almost-at-the-movies feel. There was a distinct difference between the Blu-Ray disc and regular DVD, which is good because it makes you feel like it was money well spent. The sound was really crisp, and maintained its quality throughout the film.

Although the quality of the video, sound, and the case were par for the course, there’s much to be desired when it comes to the extras. I was hoping that with the lack of interesting design for the title menu there would be some saving grace with the extras, but there isn’t much available. There is a short video behind-the-scenes with the crazy Seth Green, which is a bit charming to watch, but something you watch only once. Then there was a trailer with Timon and Pumbaa from Lion King, talking about 3D movies, a video on how they developed the “Martian language” on their own, and then something else I forgot because it wasn’t interesting.

The short behind-the-scenes moment with Seth Green gave us a glimpse on how the movie was actually produced, but it would have been nice to see more about the digital effects and such. As a nerd myself, I am always interested in how things are formed, and love to see the innovation they bring to the set and to life. Heck, I’d even watch a short on the conception, storyboarding, and editing. I was THAT interested, but there was nothing for me to see. 🙁

Other than that, the quality is well worth your money, but don’t count on any extra bells and whistles to the package.

Grade: B




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