Comic Hit List: Flashpoint #4

Previously in Flashpoint the team of Batman, Flash, and Cyborg just freed a frightened Superman from the government installation holding him. With some help by Element Woman the group then convinces the kids of S!H!A!Z!A!M! to join them. As they gather together their forces Barry Allen biggest fear is starting to be confirmed, he’s beginning to forget his universe and the solidification of the Flashpoint universe is soon becoming permanent. Meanwhile the war between Aquaman and Wonder Woman is coming to a climax which threatens this new strange world.

With only one issue left I’m sad to say this Flashpoint story arc is just not impressing me except for maybe one or two of the other spin off titles such as ‘Batman: Knight of Vengeance’. Otherwise Flashpoint brings little to nothing to the table. One of my major complaints about this storyline is that the focus is just all over the place, jumping from character to character and from situation to situation. Most of the time it’s just a big jumble of confusion or other times it just falls flat and the reader is just left not really caring.

There is some good points to the series though and that’s the art by Andy Kubert (Batman: Batman & Son and Ultimate Iron Man) which manages to stay clean and constant throughout the series. If anything, it’s Kubert’s art that has me waiting for each new issue of Flashpoint. It’s sad to see such a talent like Geoff Johns (Green Lantern: Rebirth and Blackest Night) unable to deliver on a storyline with such a potential. If anything Flashpoint feels like only a place holder until the upcoming DC reboot.

If you really want to dive into this storyline I suggest just waiting for it to come out as a trade or hit the bargain bins in a few weeks.


Grade: C-


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