Chuck Lorre and Warner Brothers Take the Lame Way Out with Charlie Sheen

Season 9 of Two and a Half Men is only a month away. By now everyone knows that Ashton Kutcher will be added to the mix after the firing of Charlie Sheen earlier this year. Ashton’s new role will have him playing a heart broken internet billionaire who buys Charlie’s Malibu beach home. Somehow Allan (Jon Cryer) or Jake (Angus T. Jones) will be living with him, but what about Charlie Harper?

Well here is where things get disappointing. To write off Charlie Harper, he will be killed off at the start of season 9. Thanks to pictures from TMZ, we can see that the new season will begin with a funeral for Charlie Harper where all we will see is the trademark bowling shirt he wore for the last few seasons. This is a complete disappointment from series creator Chuck Lorre, who has no love-loss for Charlie Sheen after insults were passed back and forth, which ultimately led to Charlie being fired from his high-paying role, but somewhat understandable.

I find it weird that of all things they “killed” Charlie Harper off, while his life full of heavy drinking and sex filled adventures could eventually do him in “story wise,” those facts and stories really helped Two and a Half Men became the popular show due to those antics. Switching out Charlie Sheen for Ashton Kutcher in season 9 is a very risky move and is sure to infuriate many fans including myself which is already apparent online.

I would of liked to have left Charlie alive in the universe of “Two and a Half Men” in some form to maybe help the show and bring up ratings with a cameo or final episode when the show one day finally ends but we will never see that happen.

From a long time fans point of view, I find it very saddening to do so because Chuck Lorre refuses to work with Charlie ever again, and as for Warner Bros to just kick sheen to the curb after more than 8 successful seasons which brought in more than 12 million viewers and massive syndication is just a low blow, I will watch season 9 to see how the story will continue but I am going in with very sad feelings about the show do to the direction.

Overall the addition of Ashton Kutcher will leave a heavy burden on Ashton to replace Sheen, so I wish him luck because to many the role of Charlie Harper was iconic in many ways and Two and a Half Men feels more like a Spin off for Allan and Jake more than a new season.


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