King’s Bounty: Legions – PC Review

King’s Bounty: Legions is a Turn based strategy RPG created to be played on Facebook. First introduced at E3 2011, i was a bit skeptical of how a game with such high rendering would run on a web browser, but after playing the beta i have to say i was quite shocked. Running on the improved Unity 3D engine this game looks nothing like your average facebook time killer.

The Unity 3D engine is a game development tool first created in 2007, then ported to the iphone in 2008 and to the android in 2010.  Since then, many great mobile games have been introduced with high quality renders. King’s Bounty: Legions has taken this to a whole new level. The turn based elements are spot on and surprisingly addicting. Not being the biggest fan of TBS, I was extremely surprised to see that i had been playing for five hours straight on my first go.

Constructing a team of 32 different units from three different archetypes, players engage in turn based combat on a grid based field. Teams consist of 6 different units and can be mixed up from different archetypes. Players win battles and complete quests to earn gold and many different rewards. PVP battle is also available and plays much like single player.

The map for this game is HUGE, currently only level 7 I have not been able to explore the entirety of it, but compared to what i have seen so far, it looks as though KB:L could be more than just another time killer.

For a Facebook ap game, this is a step in the right direction. I am extremely excited to see how well this does when it hits live. With a great combat system, fun game-play, great graphics and social gaming aspects that trump all predecessors King’s Bounty: Legions could just be the next big Facebook game that will more than likely get you a write up at work.


Final Grade: A


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