League Of Legends: Dominion

Over the years, Riot games has been tweaking and fine tuning their prime creation, League Of Legends. A new announcement today has the MOBA community in an uproar, The first Dominion map. Dominion is a game mode first introduced in the FPS genre, focusing on zone control for periods of time to accumulate points. Riot has taken this mode to the MOBA genre. Players will be able to go head to head and battle for control of 5 key points on the new map, Crystal Scar. Although original in the MOBA genre, this concept was first introduced by Blizzard in World of Warcraft as the Arathi Basin battleground. The concept seems almost identical, with a slight twist as instead of point accumulation, you instead hold points for long enough to destroy the enemy Nexus (main stronghold).

With DOTA 2 just around the corner, this was the perfect timing to make an announcement such as this. Players are now torn between a fan favorite and the new kid on the block, with the shiny toys. it has not yet been announced how many players participate on this map simultaneously, but the current estimate is 8-10. Giving teams equal opportunity to defend and capture key points, and hold them.

Although this big announcement is a major step for Riot and the League, it is not the best week for Riot with the uproar on the changes to an old favorite hero, Tryndamere. With the first ever Champion Spotlight down-voted after the release of his Epic ~$15 skin that has been boycotted by high ranked players of the hero.  http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=1054426.

While The League is excited about new additions, it is also majorly concerned that it is not being listened to by Riot. This begs the question whether Riot is going to become another big corporation that just cares about profit rather than user feedback. Lets hope they never set sail for that major fail.




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